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Dr Elizabeth Scott
This website offers remedies for snoring and sleepnessness prepared by Dr Elizabeth Scott, a General Practitioner who specialised in these problems because her patients asked for help to get themselves and their babies to sleep without pills and potions.

After publishing books on how to get to sleep, how to stop snoring and how to interpret dreams, she produced CDs of classical music designed to replicate the slowing brainwave rates of babies and grown-ups sliding into sleep which entice the listener to follow the music into contented repose. These are now also available for download.

For snorers, she has published a CD with singing exercises and, for stressed children, she wrote the script for a meditation and relaxation CD, both of which can be downloaded.

Over 300,000 copies of Dr Scott's recordings have been sold without a single return and a typical testimonial from an Australian user says "They are worth their weight in gold."

Sound Asleep
For Babies

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Meditation and Relaxation for Kids

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Sound Sleep
For All

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Soundless Sleep For Snorers

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